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Golden Year

Why is Golden Year: In Uttarakhand rural area the poverty rate is 40.8%, this is the Government record but reality is more than that. Most of the people are not able to provide a good education to their child because of money problems.
Case 1: We personally saw Many students use 1 notebook for all subjects like you are using a rough copy for all subjects. They didn't use proper blue and black pens, they used what they had.
Case 2: I noticed a girl in government school who had no notebook for class, then she just borrowed 2-2 pages from other girls and used them as a notebook.I was shocked to see whether this type of poverty is possible even today.
Case 3: A boy studied in 6th standard in government school and he just used pencil for note down in every class and after every class he erased that previous class’s content and wrote the current class’s content. He told me his father died 4 years ago and his mother is a daily worker, so she can’t afford proper study material.

What is Golden year: Golden year is a project of Rohit Foundation to help poor students for an academic year by giving study materials. Our aim is making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children belonging to socio-economically marginalized sections of society.Today, the majority of its learners are first-generation school-goers. The organization is helping over 1,100 children across five locations in semi-rural and rural settings through its school and after school support programmes.
Step 1: Our organization makes a list of economically poor and bright students. After asking the students about their needs, we consult their parents about what they need the most.
Step 2: After consulting everyone, we make a list of things like copies, pen, pencil, eraser, cutter, scale, etc and examination kit for the whole academic year according to the needs of the children.After that we send their things to their homes so that they can study well for the rest of their year.

Golden Career

Why is Golden Career:In government college Uttarakhand choosing a career after 12th is really very confusing. I was even confused what to do really after my 12th, as I was from a science background so everyone told me to do engineering. Students who are studying in government colleges in Uttarakhand have no idea what to do after 12th, because no one is aware about career options. It is common in urban areas 80% students go for B.A. and other streams in kumaun university uttarakhand. After doing the bachelor degree they search for a government job, which is very tough to crack because of less vacancy. At the end 80% of students of Uttarakhand are Jobless.

What is Golden Career: in this scheme we work on our “Why golden career” part. Rohit Foundation helps students to choose a career option after 12th, here we explain how it works.
Step 1: We run many career counseling programs in government schools and on behalf of that, suggest they choose the career and relevant course.
Step 2: After choosing the career we found a relevant course and guide them for that by giving entrance preparation books study materials etc. Our NGO takes full responsibility of students from choosing the course to participate in that course entrance exam.
Step 2: After the result according to the rank or marks we guide students to choose the right college and right branch. And if they have any finance issue then Rohit Foundation takes care of that.

Golden Health

Why is Golden Health: Development of any nation is estimated through child health condition.Rohit Foundation is committed to improve the health status and quality of life of its people, by focusing on health issues with the objective of reducing disease burden, creating an enabling environment, influencing direct and indirect health determinants such as nutrition, water, sanitation and other factors like education and employment in the state. Our organization intends to reach the replacement level of fertility, population stability with due attention to disadvantaged sections, inaccessible and remote areas. To improve the accessibility and quality of health care services, specific efforts will be ensured to strengthen health infrastructure and promote Public Private Partnership. The Government will reinforce Public Health investments, reduce gender discrimination, protect human rights, create a culture of ethical practices, accountability and involve elected representatives from the community at large in.

What is Golden Health: This is one such project in which we make people aware about their daily health and make them aware to stay healthy. Our organization provides health related things to the people so that their health does not get affected badly and they can live a good life.
We go to schools and do regular checkups of children so that they can take care of their health.

Golden Forest

Why is Golden Forest: Every year there is a shortage of such trees in Uttarakhand which are responsible for maintaining the water flow in the area, such as Banjh oak, Utis, Kafal, Bash. Due to lack of rain every year, there has been a lot of water shortage in remote villages in Uttarakhand.We need to take such a step by which trees can be saved and new trees can be planted in a long term. That's why we need a project like Golden forest. The National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) conducted the first and only survey of common property resources in 1998. In this survey the organization collected data of both de-jure and de-facto commons. At the time of this survey Uttarakhand was part of Uttar Pradesh, so no separate data is available for Uttarakhand state. However, the data collected for Western Himalayan (WHm) agro-climate zone of Uttar Pradesh represent all mountain districts of Uttarakhand. According to this report the mountain people of Uttarakhand are heavily dependent on common property resources as compared to the national average (see table). The estimated total CPR in the mountain district of Uttarakhand is nearly 13.74 lakh hectare which comes around 0.71 Ha CPR per household in the region. The Schedule Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 is the latest policy that recognizes rights of forest dwellers. Along with individual rights to dwell forest land for agriculture and settlement, it also recognizes collective rights of forest dwellers called Community Forest Rights (CFR). It gives autonomy to the village committee to manage forests for which the village community grants community rights. However, Uttarakhand is one of the worst performing states, in terms of recognizing individual and community forest rights of villagers. As per the progress report up to June 2020, Uttarakhand only recognized 155 individual forest rights and one community forest rights5 . The state has missed yet another opportunity to involve the community in the conservation and management of forest.

What is Golden Forest: Rohit Foundation Under this project, such trees (banjh oak, Utis, Kafal, Bash) are planted in the areas where there is a shortage of water, which can give a new life to the water supply and reduce the water problem in the long term. Our organization has successfully planted 400 Baj, 100 Utis, 200 Kafal trees totaling 700 trees in the last 2 years. And we are moving towards the goal of planting 500 trees this year. We make people aware of these types of trees so that they can take care of these trees and do such work themselves, because without the help of people, it is not possible to get this type of project done properly.